The GLAN crew is proud to PRESENT to you and all out MULTI-PLAYER COUNTER STRIKE MAYHEM!!(BYOC)

Where: @ G-LAN hub (in between Delaware and Philly right of i-95 north)

What: Total frag mayhem!! show up and put their money where their mouth is!!

We: provide a Gigabit network hub, network cables, tables and chairs and dash board to track the purse of each match!! and Food and Drinks!!

You:X-BOX or PC's we can accommodate both, please bring BYOC and a copy of the game!!

How: Winning team payouts is 2:1!! SO bring your A-game!!, bragging rights is for shits-and giggles..CASH is for Keeps!!

No wait time or round robins..we run all night!! once your on the network step up and send somebody back to their training drills!!! This is for real..put up or shut up!!! no Hiding behind your X-box live!!! Real-Gamers only!!!

Starting all Summer long!! our hours are from 10am to 6am!!

Get your teams together and make somebody pay your RENT!!!!

email us at

or call .302.722.4688 to register